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The Churb Dawgs are a unique four-piece San Diego cover band that plays progressive Reggae, Punk, and Rock. With both old school and new school songs, we have very versatile set lists that enable us to bring a vibe and sound that is perfect for any venue. We have a very high energy presence that injects excitement into the audience.

Our love of skating brought the four musicians together only to discover that we have over 100 years of combined musical experience. It seemed only a natural migration for us to get in the studio together. Over time we developed our own personal touch on new and classic music that we all love. It was then the Churb Dawgs were born.


Our front man Zach’s incredible vocal range allows us to play a very wide range of music. This gives us the opportunity to bring set lists that fit perfectly into any type of show. The harmonizing guitar riffs between Zach and Paul fill the space with a beautiful sound, while Bryce and Frank lay down the perfect rhythm foundation that drives people to get up and dance.

Come hear us play songs you know and love in a new and exciting way!

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